NBA 2K17: You Hungry? Ft. Paul George

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I remade NBA 2K’s Momentous trailer and put my own spin on it. Video is below, also check out my Youtube channel, like and subscribe if you like my content. Enjoy.

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NHL 17: World Cup of Hockey Game Play

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Here’s some World Cup of Hockey game play footage using the broadcast camerain NHL 17. Getting ready for the tournament next week!!

Canada Vs. USA

Russia Vs. Sweden

TLK Radio: NBA Live 17 Player Movement Optimism Based On Other EA Titles

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Stated in the video, I’ve been playing the current games released by EA Sports and noticed a huge improvement in the player movement, and for me, it’s giving me hope for the next installment of NBA Live. The overall movement, especially in NHL with the help of the sliders can drastically change the game play for the better. You can fully customize a ton in NHL 17 and the game play is probably the best it has been since the game has been in existence. Check the link below to hear my thoughts. What do you guy think? Follow me on twitter @ThaLiveKing


NHL 17: Balance Between Arcade & Simulation Sliders – Updated 9/27

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What’s up people, if you’re playing NHL 17 and need some good sliders to play against the CPU, these might be good for you. In the video I have the game speed at 2/6, but the game plays just as well if you set it to 1/6. I’m big with player movement and I feel the game plays smooth with these as well as reduces the cheesing by the CPU. I like balance between great game play and realism, and sometimes you have to have a little arcade in the mix to enjoy it.

Difficulty is set a Pro level with5 minute Periods. I normally play 10 mins, but I want to get a lot of games in with my EA Access trial. The slider set is in the first video below along with an epic game I had between the Red Wings and Panthers, which finished in a shoot out. Let me know what you guys think, follow me on twitter @thaliveking



*Game play Version: Always save a new one

Game Style – CUSTOM

Attribute Effects: 6

Broken Stick Frequency: 33

Game Speed: 2/6

Fatigue Effect: 55

Fatigue Recovery: 45

Injury Occurrence: 50


Back Skating: 50

Hustle Type: Authentic

Puck Carrier Agility: 55

Puck Carrier Skating: 55

Player Acceleration: 85

Skating Speed: 60

Skating Agility: 65


One Timer Accuracy: 45

Shot Accuracy: 55

Shot Power: 50

Slap Shot Accuracy: 45

Slap Shot Power: 50


Manual Passing: On

Pass Assist: 35

Pass Speed: MIN: 35 – MAX: 50

Saucer Pass Speed: 50

Pass Accuracy: 40

Pass Interceptions: 65

Pass Reception Ease: 20

Reception Reaction Time: 30

Puck Control Rating Effect: 55

Puck Speed Reception Effect: 70

Pickup Type Effect: 40

Bouncing Puck Receptions: 40

Puck Control

Incidental Contact Puck Loss: Stick, Legs and Body

Incidental Stick Contact Immunity: 15

Puck Control: 33

Deking Impact: 30

Spin Deke Impact: 55

Skating Impact: 35


Goalie Cover Frequency: 33

Goalie Passing: 70

Goalie Cross Crease Reaction Time: 60

Goalie Save Reaction Time: 50

Goalie Deflection Reaction Time: 48

Goalie Screen Effect: 65

Goalie Screen Persistence: 60


Board Effect Non-Puck Carrier: 33

Board Effect Puck Carrier: 0

Hitting Assistance: 15

Stumble Threshold: 55

Aggression: 33

Hitting Power: 50

Size Effect: 38

Speed Effect: 40

Checking/Balance Rating Effect: 83

Preparedness Effect: 60

Incidental Contact Effect: 20

Poke Checking Range: 5

Poke Checking Accuracy: 30

Poke Checking Power: 50

Stick Lift Effectiveness: 90 *Broken*


CPU Penalties: 40

CPU Teammate Penalties: 33

Tripping: 47

Slashing: 50

Elbowing: 20

High Sticking: 50

Cross Checking: 50

Boarding: 50

Charging: 50

Delay of Game: 50

Holding: 50

Hooking: 50

Interference: 83


Sliders Video:

Epic Game: Panthers vs Red Wings – Game Speed at 2/6

Nashville Predators Vs Calgary Flames – Game Speed 1/6

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NBA Live 16: Tim Duncan Appreciation Tribute #21

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NBA Live 2000 cover athlete has retired from the NBA, so it was only right to give him a proper NBA Live appreciation video. Tim Duncan is a Spurs Legend and first ballot NBA Hall of Famer, check the video below and relive some of the best moments of his career.


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Perspective: Fans Shouldn’t Care Where Stars Go

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(Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Whenever a superstar or a franchise star decides to leaves the team he’s been playing for a long time, he gets looked as a traitor, sell out, weak-minded, and a lot of other bad names fans can come up with. In reality, why should it matter where players want to go? Why is it OK for fans to switch teams and ride bandwagons whenever they feel like it, but players can’t? A lot of fans are quick to jump ship when a team is struggling, but want a player to stay “loyal” to a franchise even during it hard times, sure it builds character, but why should a player who puts his body on the line every game go through that? Why should fans stick around when their team is only finishing the season with 17 wins? When a team has a star player, and no direction you shouldn’t fault him for leaving. But in this new NBA, we have players like Kevin Durant who went to the Golden State Warriors after being on a team who finished the season in the Western Conference Finals. Some people are looking at him like he sold out because they were so close to the NBA finals again, and he went to an already established NBA powerhouse. During the regular season, Durant was already rumored to go to Golden State as a free agent anyways, so why are people so shocked that it actually happened? I believe us as fans have to respect where these players want to go as free agents. If a player, in any sport invested a lot of his career in one city, he deserves to go to a new one to play in if it will make him happy. As human beings we have to explore what’s out there in the world because it’s all a learning experience. I doubt he will regret going from Oklahoma City to the Bay Area, sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone and see where life takes you. I’m not sure if he will ever return to OKC as a player, but he gave you his all for the time he was there, and his decision to leave should be respected. That’s just my opinion.

Free Agent = Free To Go



Perspective: Why The NHL isn’t Mainstream

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NHL: NHL Draft


I know, I’m supposed to talk basketball on this blog, but I just read an article about the 2016 Stanley Cup playoffs ratings being low for the first time in 11 years. While there has been a lot of great games in this year’s NHL playoffs, I guess people aren’t flocking to their television screens to watch. There could be some reasons, like fans who’s favorite team missed the playoffs didn’t want to tune in, you’re into the NBA Playoffs more, you’re a fan of the outdoors during spring, or maybe you’re a Pittsburgh Penguins hater (had to throw that in there, Go Pens Go). Whatever the reason maybe, I believe it all falls down to one thing, lack of drama. Just think about it, the NHL is pretty much the only Major League Sport that doesn’t promote drama. The NBA and the NFL are the two sports that thrive off drama, reasons being, the star players in both leagues are well known, and they both rule social media. The NHL has a #NHLTwitter but compared to the levels of #NBATwitter and #NFLTwitter it doesn’t even come close. When ESPN broadcasts a game they make sure to sell whatever story is out there during the broadcast.  Just recently, they have been speaking on the Draymond Green suspension for game 5 and the name calling of LeBron James in various outlets. They push the drama because it forces people to tune in to see how the Warriors and LeBron James will respond to all the drama, they’re selling real life movie scripts. They promote it because it starts discussions, not just in the sports bars, but on social media as well.

The NHL on the other hand promotes the game, the commentators will discuss some of the issues that’s headlining the league, but overall they just promote what’s going on out there on the ice. Major discussions regarding the NHL as of late has been the fighting & concussion issues, BORING. Even Star players in the NHL are boring, they have money, but overall, most of them seem to be low key and don’t want the spotlight like NBA players, unless you’re Evander Kane. The NBA promotes their league the same ways television networks promote their upcoming shows. While the NHL has their Rivalry Week, it’s not the same if its the Pittsburgh Penguins vs Washington Capitals or the New York Rangers every week. They have to start thinking out of the box when it comes to promoting their league & players, but that’s if it chooses to, and since most players don’t want the spotlight, it kind of puts them in a bind. Superstars & stories sell the league, and brings in a ton of ratings, the NHL seems to lack in those areas. What do you guys think, should the NHL promote their league the same way as the NBA & NFL to gain viewers? Or should they keep it the same?

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