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I'm a chill guy, that loves to watch and play basketball. I'll give my opinions on topics without trying to be too bias, but I am usually open minded and I try to see both perspectives. Sometimes people can't handle someone who has an open mind, so if you disagree with anything I say, feel free to comment. I don't have an ego, I just like to get points across. This blog is to mainly discuss what is going on in the NBA from my perspective. I will discuss other sports, but my love for basketball has grew a lot over the last 5 years, so it's hard to keep me off this topic. Also I don't like gossip, I stick to what's going on the floor, but if I feel the need to discuss off court issues, I will. I hope you'll enjoy reading my blog.

Things I do on the side include, music, exercise, movie junkie, watching playing basketball. So don't be surprised if you see off topic posts on here!!

Favorite Sports Teams:
Indiana Pacers & Pittsburgh Penguins