About ThaLiveKing

A man of many talents, Steve also known as ThaLiveKing throughout many social media outlets began his love for all sports at an early age. He played many sports growing up, such as basketball, ice hockey, road hockey, volleyball, football, baseball, soft ball, if he could play it, he would give it a try. Nowadays he just keeps his mind focused on NBA basketball. He’s been a huge NBA fan for years, growing up watching the Indiana Pacers, and the hometown Toronto Raptors. He began as a casual fan, but became a hardcore supporter of the league after the NHL lockout in 2004. Being Canadian he had a lot of love for pro hockey, but that love became overturned when the NHL began their work stoppage and the NBA became a full focus. Steve is the type of guy that no matter what time of day it is, will always talk basketball. He hopes to become a future scout for a team or a coach . He loves the gym, if he could, he would stay in the gym all day and watch, or even play games.

Writing has also been a passion of his, from writing french poems in 2nd grade, short stories in high school, even his own songs, which he performs and records on his own time. He just has an imagination that never seems to die down, and will always find time to write something to see where his mind leads him. This blog is to keep him busy when he feels there’s nothing to do, or to share his experiences with the world. He has never been the one to be shy, especially in the new social media world, which helped him land a position on the EA Sports NBA Live Advisory Council. There’s no limits to what Steve wants to accomplish in life, he has big plans for his future and is confident he will reach them. There’s always new goals, new beginnings, so you just have to stay tuned.

You can find Steve online at the following sites:

Twitter: @ThaLiveKing

Youtube: ThaLiveKing

Facebook: ThaLiveKing

Frequent Poster on: NBA-Live.com (NLSC)

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