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NHL 21 Modified Simulation Sliders | Updated October 18th #NHL21

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I’m not 100% sure, but I think the pass assist slider also affects the CPU. When I had it set to 0, the CPU was less hesitant to make “ping pong” passes. I also turned down the pass interception to 50 from the default 75 and noticed the drop in shots for the CPU and pass percentages. I kept an eye on those two stats from my initial slider set up. I think this is the way to go, but having to pass without the assist is a learning curve. The Pass accuracy slider is back at default with the assistance lower. Trust me on this, I played multiple games.

Some minor tweaks in some sliders – October 18th


  • Trying to mimic real pace of the NHL
  • Slowing down overall game speed allows for better RPM skating and usage of space
  • Wider turns, realistic CPU skating
  • Allows user/CPU to be more disciplined on defense, better position defense in general for both
  • Passing more challenging, less shots making the net due to better positioning
  • Strategy based game play for user vs CPU game play
  • More blocked and deflected shots
  • No CPU advantage “Ice Tilt” as most call it. The CPU will have to be more strategic rather than just run you over for the puck
  • You can’t beat the CPU with speed all the time, so if you’re on the PP, you will have to respect the offense and play more disciplined defense to clear the puck
  • To shorten the amount of shots taken/landing (no more than 40) for longer periods (8-10 minute periods)


Without Pass Assist – October 20th

Sliders are the same for both CPU and USER unless stated otherwise. No handicap allowed with my sliders unless it feels unbalanced.


Game play Version: Launch Version

Game Style – CUSTOM

Attribute Effects: 5/10

Broken Stick Frequency: 33

Game Speed: 3/6

Fatigue Effect: 70

Fatigue Recovery: 33

Injury Occurrence: 50


Back Skating: 44

Hustle Type: Authentic

Puck Carrier Agility: 57

Puck Carrier Skating: 56

Player Acceleration: 41

Skating Speed: 42

Skating Agility: 82


One Timer Accuracy: 50

Shot Accuracy: 45

Shot Power: 37

Slap Shot Accuracy: 40

Slap Shot Power: 45


Manual Passing: ON

Pass Assist: 1

Pass Speed: MIN: 30 – MAX: 45

Saucer Pass Speed: 41

Pass Accuracy: 50

Pass Interceptions: 50

Pass Reception Ease: 5

Reception Reaction Time: 60

Puck Control Rating Effect: 50

Puck Speed Reception Effect: 50

Pickup Type Effect: 70

Bouncing Puck Receptions: 33


Incidental Contact Puck Loss: Stick, Legs and Body

Incidental Stick Contact Immunity: 0

Puck Control: 20

Deking Impact: 9

Spin Deke Impact: 50

Skating Impact: 39


Goalie Cover Frequency: 45

Goalie Passing: 70

Goalie Cross Crease Reaction Time: 50

Goalie Save Reaction Time: 55

Goalie Deflection Reaction Time: 50

Goalie Screen Effect: 60

Goalie Screen Persistence: 60


Board Effect Non-Puck Carrier: 100

Board Effect Puck Carrier: 100

Hitting Assistance: 10

Stumble Threshold: 70

Fall & Stumble Fall Ease: 30

Aggression: 50

Hitting Power: 50

Size Effect: 30

Speed Effect: 43

Checking/Balance Rating Effect: 83

Preparedness Effect: 51

Incidental Contact Effect: 20-70

Poke Checking Accuracy: 30

Poke Checking Power: 20

Stick Lift Effectiveness: 50


CPU Penalties: 40

CPU Teammate Penalties: 40

Tripping: 40

Slashing: 50

Elbowing: 20

High Sticking: 50

Cross Checking: 50

Boarding: 50

Charging: 50

Delay of Game: 50

Holding: 50

Hooking: 50

Interference: 83


AI Learning: 6/6

CPU Difficulty Adjustments: 3/6

CPU Faceoff Difficulty: 50

CPU Strategy Adjustment: 6/6

USER Strategy Adjustment: 0/6

BAP Strategy Adjustment: 3/6

6 minute periods
6 minute periods

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