Game Sliders

NBA 2K20: Experimental Movement Sliders Part 2 | Sacrificing Abilities For Smoother Movement (VIDEO)

Siakam pounding his chest in NBA 2K20

These are not simulation or arcade sliders, this is me just testing out reducing and increasing sliders to see how they affect movement in NBA 2K. These are not for everybody, if you want my previous movement sliders, you will find them on my website. I’ve spent this whole year just messing with NBA 2K20 movement to see if I can improve the overall floor game. Only try these if you want something different. I do all my explaining in the video.


Game Play Video

Classic game between the Pacers and Warriors

Let me know what you think, scroll through the end of the video for the slider set. CPU and USER sliders are the same in most cases.


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