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NBA 2K20: Player Movement Sliders | Work In Progress (Update 9/29)


Writing in BLUE is from my “Smooth” slider set, it plays much slower than the initial numbers in black. 

Orange writing is as of 9/29, once I feel I have it to where I want it, I will do a total revamp of the blog with everything being the main numbers.

Before you apply these sliders, these are not simulation or arcade sliders. The purpose of these sliders is to improve the overall player movement on the floor. Once the game moves and feels much better than it does out of the box, making adjustments to shooting and defense will be made. A lot of it is subjective, you can still get realistic stats and field goal percentages but the main focus is better player movement, by any means.


  • Improving off the catch animations
  • “Realistic” NBA speed, transition offense & defense
  • Better overall foot speed
  • Reduce warping
  • More natural movement on and off-ball
  • More natural movement around screens
  • When players catch the ball in slow instances, there’s a delay, cleaning that up
  • Better use of tight spaces


  • SHOT CONTEST: Sometimes shots feel like they aren’t being contested, but as the game progresses and fatigue comes into effect, same shots don’t fall as easy for you or the CPU.
  • CPU SHOOTING: Depending on how you have the shooting, the CPU might get a ton of greens, just watch FG% between you and the CPU and adjust accordingly.
  • BALL SECURITY: This slider actually opens up the game a lot more, if you drop it down (I had it to 0 at one point) a lot more deflections can happen. I also made a note of it below.
  • ON-BALL DEFENSE: This slider to me is tricky, because I feel that it’s not needed, especially since most players have their own rating, but some times it feels like there’s a lot of blow-bys. One of the reason’s I have body up sensitivity to 100, to kind of make up for this. When playing defense, you have to make use of the stance (LT) and the hands up controls (RT) so that you can move a lot better. With this lowered I feel there’s more freedom.


Quarter Length: 8-12 Minutes
Fatigue: On
Injuries: On
Game Speed: 56*

*These sliders work best on this game speed. Speed adjustments that you want to make SHOULD be done with individual sliders. This comes from a lot of testing. 

9/29 I bumped the game speed up to 56 for more fluid action overall

I try to keep USER and CPU sliders the same.



Inside Shot success SUBJECTIVE

Close shot success SUBJECTIVE

Mid-range success SUBJECTIVE


Layup success SUBJECTIVE

Dunk In traffic Freq 70/70 | 100

Dunk in traffic success 45/45

Pass accuracy 65/65

Ally Oop success 55/55

Contact shot success 35/35 

Ball security 35*

Body up sensitivity 100/100**

Pass speed 57/57 | 55

*Ball security the lower you set it, the more loose the ball is in general. I’ve had it on 0 and the use of tight spaces is much better. I will be messing with this a lot more in updates. Just because it’s set at 0 doesn’t mean you’ll lose the ball all the time. Also since I have the ball handling rating at 70 for better transition purposes, lowering this slider will prevent bigs from bringing the ball up the floor. 

** Body up sensitivity is at 100 because I like contact, players tend to just run into each other and nothing happens. 2K really needs a lot more contact animations off the ball, they used to have a lot more off the ball animations. 


Driving contact shot freq 80/80

Inside contact shot freq 80/80

Layup defense strength(takeoff) 55/55

Layup defense strength(release) 75/75

Jump Shot defense strength (gather) 45/45

Jump Shot defense strength(release) 70/70

Help defense strength 100/100*

Steal success 50/50

*Still tinkering with the help defense slider, but I’m trying to get the footwork to be a lot better, which I don’t think can come with slider adjustments. I’ve had it at 0 and didn’t really see a difference, so I just put it at 100.


Acceleration 15/15*

Vertical 50/50

Strength 50/50

Stamina 50/50

Speed 53/53*

Durability 50/50

Hustle 0/0

Ball handling 70

Hands 50/50

Dunking ability 50/50

On-ball defense 0/0

Stealing 50

Blocking 70/70

Offensive awareness 100/100**

Defense awareness 100/100**

Offensive rebounding 10/10

Defensive rebounding 50/50

Offensive consistency 0/0

Defensive consistency 0/50

Fatigue rate 47/47***

Lateral quickness 100/100****

*(9/26) I adjusted player speed because 2K did something under the hood over the last few days, but I feel right now, 52 is the sweet spot for better overall movement

**Rebounding is subjective ***Fatigue rate is subjective ****Lateral Quickness Maxed


DEFAULT/SUBJECTIVE: For the CPU, leaving them at default right now before the season is probably the best bet. 

shot contest at 100 for CPU



MOVEMENT*: As of (9/26) I have all of these set to 70

Speed with ball (max) 67/67 | 70

Speed with ball (min) 67/67 | 65

Acceleration with ball (max) 65/65 | 70

Acceleration with ball( min) 65/65 | 65

Speed without ball (max) 67/67 | 70

Speed without ball (min) 67/67 | 65

Acceleration without ball (max) 65/65 | 70

Acceleration without ball (min) 65/65 | 65

These movement sliders are important, speed really determines the smoothness of player movement, acceleration not so much. Everything is ratings based anyways, but having these set this way is why the game play is improved with these sliders.



This Grizz clip is 9/29