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NBA Live 19: PRO Difficulty Sliders | CPU Sliders Boost (Update 05.18)

Check out this video for my explanation. This game plays the best on PRO.

Note: If the game is too easy, just give yourself more handicaps

Auto Subs: OFF
Difficulty: PRO
Game Speed: 78

Minutes: 8-12


Inside shooting: 30/90
Med Range: 30/90
Three-point shooting: 40/90
Free throw: 50/80
Post shooting: 50/70
Lay up: 30/30
Post move: 50
Dunk Frequency: 40
Reach in Fouls: 10/70
Jump Shot Fouls: 90/80
Post Shot Fouls: 70/80
Lay Up Fouls: 90/80
Dunk Fouls: 60/60
Offensive Air: 100
Offensive Ground: 100/100
Defensive Air: 100/100
Defensive Ground: 100/100
Steal Success: 50/90
Alley-Oop: 50/50
Shots off Dribble: 50/50
Shot Contest: 90/90
Shot Blocking: *30/30
Offensive Rebounding: 10/10
Off-Ball Push Freq: 60/60
Push Off Success: 40/40
Off-Ball Jostle Success: 40/40
Jostle vs Blow-by: 10
Dribble Move: 10

These changes  (RED FONT) help the overall feel of the game and keeps the smooth game play in tact. You can bump players and players won’t get stuck off the ball allowing players to take advantages of hard screens and semi screens. The CPU (depending on who you play) will either run the offense through their star player or play with ball movement. I feel overall with these sliders, there are no two games alike, narrative game play (play now) feels like every game is different. You will really have to look at how player rotate on offense and defense and make adjustments in the team settings. Also match ups matter more and you have to pay attention to the players who are frustrated with calls, because they can be your downfall out there (+/- stat is KEY). 

I wish there was a fatigue slider, but overall you can get realistic results with these settings, and the game play actually plays like real simulation basketball. If it’s too easy, give yourself more handicap, but I’ve shot between 40%-50% with these sliders.

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