NBA Live 16: Collision Offset Sliders


What’s up folks, it’s ya boy ThaLiveKing with another slider set for NBA Live 16. It’s been awhile since my last set, I’ve had people tell me they really love my sliders. I think this one tops them all though. The initial purpose of these sliders when I first tested them out was to see if I can reduce some of the sticking that was going on in the half court, it was really bothering me. So I came up with the idea that if I unbalanced the collision sliders, along with some others, I might be able to some what fix the problem. I adjusted these back in February, a few weeks after the other slider set that I released, and have been playing with them ever since. Another trick, is that I disconnected from the EA Servers while playing the game, because I wanted to see how the game would play without synergy in the background, and came away amazed of how the game was playing. Synergy to me, poses a lot of problem with the game play, I’m the type that would rather play a game with the ratings & plays impacting the game only. I have a video below to showcase a game with these sliders and was amazed how much fun I was having. If you go back and play NBA Live 15, same thing, I don’t think there’s any data updating in that game, and the game play is much better than when the game was getting data, I COULD BE WRONG, but I’ve been playing the game long enough to feel the difference. Anyways, check the sliders below, and click on the video to see the game play, also leave a comment in YouTube if you’ve tried the sliders, I definitely want feedback.

NBA Live 16 Offset Sliders:

Numbers in BOLD are minor tweaks. Best Slider Set I’ve Done

Game Play Difficulty: All Star

*Disconnect from the EA Servers, it’s optional, but give it a try.

Slider Type: USER/CPU

Inside: 20/10

Med: 30/30

Three: 50/50

FT: 80/80

Post: 30/30

Lay up: 30/30

Post Move: 30/30

Dunk: 40/40

ALL FOULS: 100/100

Off Air Collision: 70/40

Off Ground Collision: 100/90

Steal: 10/80

Alley Oop: 40/40

Shots Off Dribble: 20/80

Shot Contest: 80/70

Shot Block: 90/90

Off Rebound: 10/0

Off-ball Push: 60/30

Off-ball Push Success: 60/30

Off-ball Jostle: 70/30

Jostle vs Blow-by: 30/30

Dribble Reaction: 70/30

Some of the sliders are set the wrong way under the hood, that’s why I have USER steals at 10 rather than 90, the USER can get more steals at 10, and the CPU can cause more turnovers at 80. I’ve done a lot of testing with these sliders, so the numbers may look questionable, but there’s a good reason why. Also, the game will balance itself out, if you’re making a crazy amount of threes, I guarantee you will start missing them at some point, so you’re going to have to balance your attack. I wish EA would let us edit Roster ratings, that’s something I miss doing, because some of the logic can be fixed, but due to the rating NUMBER, it has to be that. The NHL dev team rates a lot of their players high because they know it will affect game play and they want the best experience possible, in basketball games, the ratings determine egos and it’s some what bad for the game play.

Check the video below with these sliders, try them out, and let me know what you think

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