NBA Live 15: NBA Live’s future ‘Guaranteed’ (@Polygon + @TheNLSC) #NBALIVE15


Some people were wondering whether NBA Live’s future was in question after this year, apparently it’s not. Sean O’Brien states that EA Sports has no intention of giving up on the franchise, and that production on NBA Live 16 and 17 are are go. My friends over at the NBA Live Series Center released a podcast with O’Brien on Friday and restated that EA has their backs. Also Polygon released an article today (Oct 19th) stating the same thing.

Quoting the article: Here is the guarantee O’Brien will make, though: NBA Live 15 will be better than NBA Live 14 by about this much, he says, holding one hand about a foot above the other. And then NBA Live 16 will be here, he says, sitting up to reach higher. “So, you’re guaranteeing there will be an NBA Live 16,” I say.”Guaranteed.” O’Brien says. “We’ve already started development on 16. We’re staffing up. We’re actually increasing investment on what 16 — and 17 — look like.”

This should make NBA Live fans happy as the future was in question. Still NBA Live 15 has to show a huge improvement over NBA Live 14, and a lot of people are sceptical on this year’s release due to the lack of game play videos. If you didn’t know there’s the EA Access trial on October 23rd, and demo’s being released on the 28th. Users will be able to try the game before they pay full price for it. Check the links below and keep up to date with every thing NBA Live.


THE NLSC Podcast with Sean O’Brien:


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