NBA LIVE 15: The Modes (#NBALIVE15)


Modes have been revealed for NBA Live 15, check em out!!


Being connected with friends and the real-world NBA is a huge part of our philosophy. There’s nothing better than sinking a jumper in a friend’s face during an Online match – so providing a stable, always-on connection is key.

With EA SPORTS’ best-in-class online technology, players will never miss a beat online with friends and the NBA. Server stability is a top priority for us, and NBA LIVE 15 will certainly deliver the goods #LIVEallSeason long. We have our finger on the pulse of the NBA everyday – serving up Daily Challenges and Experiences that reflect what goes on in the real world.


This mode is built around Head-to-Head gameplay and bragging rights. Work to advance from League 1 to League 10, playing games against rivals and friends along the way. Rack up wins to level up and compete with the big boys. Dominate here, and you will be in a league of your own


What’s better than the Playoffs? Well, the NBA Finals, of course. This mode is built around inviting friends to play in a Best-of-Seven series. Overall record is tracked between friends to prove who the best NBA LIVE player is in your crew


Create your dream NBA player and rise through the ranks from hot rookie to legendary status in JORDAN Rising Star.

This year introduces more options than ever to create and customize your star, as well as multiple play styles to play the game your way.

Jump into the JORDAN Rising Star game to prove your skills and improve draft stock. After reaching the NBA, players must do whatever it takes to prove they belong on their way to legendary status.


Choose from 13 position/play style combinations, with the option to mimic a JORDAN athlete’s play style for a skill boost

The old adage “look good, play good” is true here. Players can select from new authentic performance and Retro JORDAN footwear. There are more than 20 new shoes in NBA LIVE 15, with more added when available throughout the season.

Players can also influence draft night decisions by selecting their desired team.


Rising Star Mode includes tutorial videos featuring JORDAN athletes, as well as a voiceover from former NBA All-Star Jalen Rose.


Players from all 13 play styles have their own evaluation and scoring system. NBA LIVE 15 includes more than 85 gradable on-court actions, up from just 22 in NBA LIVE 14.

You’ll be graded on not just points, rebounds, and assists, but for playing smart team ball within your squad’s system.

Climb the depth chart and earn more minutes based on these in-game grades.


Take the Showcase Game seriously, as it plays a major role into your draft stock.

On NBA Draft night, selections and trades from real life will be reflected in-game.


Level-up within your organization, and earn more playing time by moving to a new role within the team. Earn Skill Points by unlocking career achievements and milestones, and follow your progress in the all-new Milestones and Accomplishments screens.


Thanks to continued Synergy Sports integration, last year’s fan-favorite mode is bigger and better with new challenges, new features and new ways to play.

Jump into Hot Spot challenges to not only replicate real-world performance, but also nail the same shots in the same situations as players in the real NBA.

NBA Rewind returns to NBA LIVE 15, letting players relive each night’s games immediately after they happen. This year, players can jump into the game at any point to either replicate history or change it.


Choose any minute of any game and jump right into the action with accurate per-minute stats, lineups and player tendencies.

Goals, objective and XP dynamically adjust based on the game’s selected starting point, resulting in thousands of unique challenges by the end of the season


Hot Spot Challenges are a new twist that require you to hit a shot from every place on the court that a player or team did in real life. When Carmelo Anthony has a huge quarter and goes off for 10 field goals, you’ll have to make the same shots he made from the same spots on the floor.


New Rewrite History Big Moments take a departure from reality by dropping players into a pivotal real-life scenario.

Remember when LeBron James went down with cramps in Game 1 of the NBA Finals? You’ll have the chance to play as the Heat and try to overcome the Spurs without your best player.


Another new challenge type to look for in Big Moments is “Scoring Streaks.” It isn’t only about scoring but also playing tough defense, as you look to score consecutive points with a player or a team.

These Big Moments capture those “on fire” performances when a player or team takes over the game and goes on an unanswered scoring spree.

All of this new content – combined with more than 70 challenge types from NBA LIVE 14 – provides thousands of unique experiences.

Be on the lookout everyday as new challenges will be posted for EVERY NBA game, making this the most connected and relevant mode in sports gaming.

  • adidas LEARN LIVE

Get familiar with the controls and movement in NBA LIVE 15 with the brand new adidas Learn LIVE gym.

The NBA LIVE team listened to fan feedback from last year, and wanted to make sure players got a feel for the controls before hopping into a game.

As soon as you boot up NBA LIVE 15, cover athlete Damian Lillard walks players through various drills and exercises, teaching everything from a Jump Shot to a Euro Step.

The Drills are broken up into the following areas:
– The Basics
– Dribbling
– Passing
– Scoring
– Post Game

**We’ve also added standalone Shootaround and Scrimmage options within Practice mode – allowing you to pick your favorite NBA team and hit the court in 1-on-0, 1-on-1, or full 5-on-5 scenarios.


There’s no better feeling than building a team from the ground up dominating the league. In addition to the on-court action, you can also trade, set goals and manage your squad exactly how you want over a 30-year term.

Dynasty is more flexible than ever in NBA LIVE 15, with new simulation options that let fast-forward and jump in at critical moments during crunch time. The future of the team is under your control.


Jump in at any point during the simulation while observing live stats and shot charts. Real-time prompts will appear, allowing players to hop back into the game at the game’s critical moment.


Simulation stats have been improved from top to bottom, with both team and player stats matching the ranges seen in the real NBA. During simulations, ratings matter more than ever.

Field goal percentage and three-point percentage are both more tuned with real-life. Gone are the days of 40+ point blowouts all over the league.

Stats aren’t the only thing being tuned. Minutes are allocated more realistically, allowing you to effectively manage playing time like the defending NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs.


Free agency is also more realistic. Older superstars will receive big contracts, while role players and low OVR players no longer ask for top dollar.


Stars are everything in the NBA, and they’re everything in NBA LIVE 15 Dynasty Mode. The game’s best players will longer bounce around the league, as teams will do everything they can to protect them.

Teams are also more intelligent about upgrading weak spots in their lineup, and are more focused on building a better starting lineup as opposed to stocking up on one position.


As in real life, players peak in their late 20s, but are capable of playing at high levels into their 30s. Different ratings improve and decline in separate yet realistic ways


Schedules are more realistic this year, as the team has addressed massive 8+ game road trips, as well as long home stands.


Injury chances closer mimic the NBA, as serious injuries have been tuned down for the bumps, bruises, and soreness that classify the grind of an 82-game schedule.

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No mention of Ultimate Team here, but I`m sure it`s in the game, and they will advertise it separately, because it`s one of more popular modes in EA SPORTS. What do you guys think of the game modes, looks good to me. Can`t wait for more informations as well as demo information, and game play videos!

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