NBA Live 15: GamesCom Gameplay Hands-On Preview (MMGN.Com)


Gaetano ‘Xbot’ Prestia of got a hands on preview of NBA Live 15 at GamesCom in Germany yesterday and gave some quick impressions. He played a 5 minute quarter game with the Cleveland Cavaliers versus the Oklahoma City Thunder, so it was a brief experience. He mainly discussed the game play and graphics in the article, nothing on modes, and said it was better than last year’s effort, which shouldn’t be hard to top. He also states that there’s player differentiation; he said that Kevin Durant and LeBron James play like their real selves, and can notice the difference in their jumping ability and jump shots, little things like that matter to the overall look of the game, because you didn’t get that type of feel in NBA Live 14. In the end. he said he is willing to give the series a shot once it comes out because the improvements are a huge jump, and the graphics are very on par with NBA 2K’s. Overall a positive article for NBA Live. Fans on the other hand, will reserve judgement until footage comes out, and also, when the game demo drops. If you want to read the article it’s below. I’m sure more articles will be released within the next few days, and hopefully we get an official video and some more screen shots from EA themselves. As always follow me on twitter @ThaLiveKing. Enjoy

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