NBA Live 15: Improved Graphics, Photos + Video



The NBA Live team released some new screens and footage of them overhauling the graphics for NBA Live 15. Below are some screen shots comparing both NBA Live 14 and 15, and the difference is night and day. If you know anything about art, lighting is everything, and the team is making sure the lighting is correct so that the visuals stand out more so when you ‘re playing the game, it looks like an actual TV broadcast. Scroll down for the photos and the video they released today.

Here are the screens from the blog:
nba-live-15-visuals-1 nba-live-15-visuals-2 nba-live-15-visuals-3 nba-live-15-visuals-4 nba-live-15-visuals-5

These were screen capped from the video below, The Celtics floor looks beautiful.Live15Celtics NBALive15Rim

Graphical Improvements Video:

If you want to check out the article posted today by the team visit:

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