NBA Live 15: #AskObes Questions Answered from Fans

NBA Live 15:  #AskObes Questions Answered from Fans

Sean O’Brien, The Executive Producer for the NBA Live series recently answered some questions about NBA Live 15, mainly about the visuals and game play, here’s a summary provided with the link below:

1. The Visuals:

The game will obviously look a lot better than NBA Live 14, and the players will look less plastic due to the the new lighting techniques the team adopted. “We have a brand new lighting approach that helps recreate the likeness. It’s not just scanning that makes the players and the rest of the game look great, it’s the lighting as well. You’ll see the same methodology in the details across all assets including uniforms, crowds, courts, arenas, etc. Expect a visual overhaul of every single asset in the game. Without exaggeration, I can honestly say that every single asset has been touched for NBA LIVE 15.” The game overall will look much more realistic, and fans are going to be pleased with the results. They also reworked the player body types, so people can stop complaining how skinny Tim Duncan is, not much detail about that, but we should see a difference once the videos come out.

2. Game play:

They listened to the feedback from fans, and have fine tuned the game play so that the game plays much more fluid, and have better control responsiveness (thank god) while dribbling, (hopefully passing as well). They have also added higher quality animations to help the game play feel more organic and seamless. When asked about the controls he states “We’re committed to providing an amazing first impression as well as a deeper level of understanding of the controls and how they work to ensure that players have some early successes when first playing the game. We will reveal more about this later this summer.” Basically the overall foundation is improved, and that they will have a better in-game tutorial to teach new comers how to play the game. An area where they failed at last season, so this is a good sign that they’re trying to clean up all of their mistakes.

3. Features

Not a lot of information here, but Sean also states that they’re “also staying true to our identity by connecting you to the pulse of the real NBA – all year long with an expanded connected feature set that continues to evolve on a daily basis throughout the NBA season.”


Most of the answers we got are to be expected, but overall, it’s a positive sign until we actually see the game ourselves. NBA Live 14 does have a lot of positives to build upon, and I’m excited to see what the team has been working on over the past few months. One thing about the animations though, it’s great that they’re adding more, but if they want to give users more control, they have to tweak them in a way where there’s no lag. if you have a quick player and want to go left to beat the defender, should be instant, especially if you’re using a player like Ty Lawson, same for defense. Players should have the ability to beat their defender or guard a defender without the animations taking over too much, if they can pull it off, both offense and defense can be balance out, and whoever executes the properly, wins every time. Live 14 already has a lot of good defensive coaching features, so an improvement will be even better, just need the controls. Looking forward for more information in the coming weeks. #Live15StandUp

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Want to read the questions and answers yourself here’s the link: (

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