NBA Live 15: What I’m Expecting For The Next Release

NBA Live 15: What I'm Expecting For The Next Release


I’m expecting to be blown out of my seat when I see the visuals of this game. The development team had more time to work on player models, team arenas and presentation to bring this game to next gen life. I’m expecting a less detailed game than UFC when the game is in actual play, but I’m expecting to see a lot of details when close in on the players and coaches face. Welcome to Next Generation gaming. Also expecting their Living Crowds feature being used to the max to take the game’s atmosphere to another level.

Game Play:

I’m not expecting to see a huge jump in game play from Live 14 to 15, I do expect to see improvements in the overall flow of the game. The game really needs more custom animations for each player, not just fifty players alone, If the game is going to look realistic, it has to some what play realistically. I’m expecting better control responsiveness, everything on the control pad matches what goes on during the game. The game lacks tempo, I hope now when they introduce the game and tell us each team plays like their true identity, that it becomes a reality, because in Live 14, you cannot play the up and down style of the Warriors or the Suns. Loosening up the game, add small things like quicker in-bounding animations can help the game’s fun appeal while being true to a basketball sim. If I want to run down the court and jack up shots Russell Westbrook style, I should be able to in amazing fashion. Live 14 plays like a broken down arcade game, and while it has its moments ( it really comes up short. The little things in a basketball video game can sometimes (and I mean sometimes) make up for the lack of quality game play, this game needs both, it has to some what be a full package this time around. I’m hoping there’s a huge overhaul so that the game plays like real life basketball and not an arcade game. Also the improvement in the “game of inches” department should be worked into the game some how; you should be able to tight-rope walk along the baseline, split defenders late on rotations etc. It may be a long shot but that’s what I’m looking for. Also expecting a ton of improvements in the passing game as well.


I’m expecting bounceTek to make finally make its way into the game the way it should be. Everything they preached about last year, releasing the ball to physics, ball is not tied to the hand, has to show up in NBA Live 15. Also, I want them to go the NHL 15 route and have real life ball physics to make the game unpredictable, funny bounces and spins, off the leg out of bounds, I want those plays in Live 15. When I pick the Indiana Pacers, I want to be able to turn the ball over like them in Live 15 (lol).

A.I. Issues Solved:

Playing NBA Live 14 versus the CPU was a disaster, they would just pass it into the post, spin baseline and dunk every time and scored. The move became unstoppable making the game frustrating and annoying to play. I didn’t have these same issues when I played Ultimate Team so it may just have been a head to head problem. I’m expecting the promises that were made when the game would be updated after every hour to be fixed if they go that route because it gives the game true replay value. This along with improved game play should make the game more enjoyable on-line and offline.

Game Modes:

I’m expecting more of the same, Ultimate Team, Rising Star, Big Moments to make a comeback, but with greater depth and more consistent updates. NBA Live fans in general love customization, and while next gen gaming looks to limit that, I’m hoping they at least give the fans a great Create A Player mode with a ton of depth. The ability to save rosters and share them through lockers should make a comeback because the fans can update the rosters and deliver them faster than the dev team on a consistent basis, it’s a part of the NBA Live, basketball gaming culture, and it should be embraced. I’m hoping a new mode similar to the Park makes its way on to NBA Live 15; Adidas Live run was a great mode, and the idea is Next Gen.

The First NBA Live 15 Trailer

I’m expecting this trailer to NOT be CGI rendered. I believe the game will look how Kyrie looked when he was dribbling the ball during the presentation at E3 last year ( and that’s the route they need to go. They should be able to simulate any situation in-game and show the people what they’ve been working on.

Sound Off, what do you expect to see in NBA Live 15


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