Game Play Enhancement Suggestions for NBA Live 15: #NBALive14 @EASPORTSNBA


  • Control responsiveness
    • Every time you press a button, an action has to happen on the court. A lot of ghost fouls in Live 14
    • Passing improvements, increase the zip of the pass
    • Dribbling needs to be more responsive as well, switching from a crossover to blowing by your man with Kyrie shouldn’t have animation hiccups
  • Speed of the game
    • Problem with NBA Live 14, the speed of the game is a lot slower than an actual NBA game. The game moves too slow, and the fast breaks aren’t true fast breaks. NBA Players have speed, and great body control, have to mimic this.
    • NBA Players can switch speeds in seconds, have to try to mimic that
    • Transition game in general whether offense or defense look like a “flock of birds”
    • Tweak the foot planting tech. Pressing the defensive stance button has a good taste of what the foot planting is capable of, maybe try to implement it in all areas when the player moves. Sometimes the players feet go through the ground.
    • Must have – Quicker in-bounding animations. 
    • Better momentum
  • Player movement detail
    • Off ball movement have to have more animations. Players have to flare their arms up to get through screens, squeeze through animations, players tripping over feet etc. have to be present. Right now players just try to go to point A to point B without any purpose. Half court game is good, just needs a lot more present in order to look like real basketball.
    • Having great off ball movement animations increase the realism of the game
    • Continue to smooth out ALL player animations
    • Better player celebrations after baskets. Maybe include custom celebrations similar to the NHL series
  • Each player has to have a custom game
    • The reason why 2K is good at what it is, each should player have moves that has been motion capped. Each player needs to be different, Live 14 had 50 players with signature skill, got to up that number by A LOT. Players that have signature skills are much easier to use, and their timing is a lot easier also.
  • Paint Game
    • Paint defense is horrible
    • Reduce strides in the paint
    • Allow players to turn around faster to protect paint
    • Hard fouls, hard collision animations (rag doll tech from NHL series)
    • Better collision animations in general.
    • It feels like there’s a force field at time when trying to grab rebounds simultaneously
    • Allow players to spin defenders to try to steal a rebound, you seem stuck while being boxed out
    • Weight should matter, Point Guards shouldn’t be able to bulldoze over centers
    • Having players trip over feet in the paint, adds realism, loose ball fouls
    • Take out that one unrealistic one handed rebound*
    • Mid-Range game improvements, too many blocks in that area
    • Improve rebounding logic
      • Sometimes players stand around and look at rebounds
  • Cameras
    • Cameras should have customized options. We should be able to zoom in and out as we prefer.
    • The ESPN camera bounces up and down, no real NBA camera does that.
    • The current cameras follow the ball too much
    • Have more options overall, if not, allow us to customize our own camera view
    • Crowd chant timing, try to make the crowd more active especially at the end of games. Sometimes i’d hit a game winner at home and nobody cheers
  • Gameplay Sliders + Game Options
    • CPU tendencies, inside/outside game, will create balance, CPU probably won’t have 70 points in the paint if we are able to tweak
    • Rebounding sliders
    • Game Speed Sliders
    • Able to turn hot and cold streaks off from Synergy, and just use player tendencies
    • Able to save our own rosters, bring back locker room features so we can share files
    • Have a Personal Custom Zone
      • Abilities to save our own rosters and overall game customizations
      • Create a player mode, custom teams

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