Main Event Woes: 5 Ways The #NBA Can Improve The Dunk Contest



As most of you know, the NBA dunk contest has been a disaster over the last few years, and every year they claim it’s back, I believe this year they were on the right track, however their system failed. A lot of people are saying that they should get rid of it, which to me makes no sense, because dunking is a huge part of All-Star weekend and it’s what people come to see. Here’s how I think they can improve the dunk off.

1. Bring back the point system. The point system should have never left, we all want to be in the stands holding our 10’s and 9’s signs because it gets everybody involved.

2. Last man standing. If you’re going to keep the East/West rivalry, make sure there is one winner at the end, the reason being, the more dunks, the more the viewers will enjoy the event.

3. Keep the freestyle round, whoever thought of this was brilliant. It was actually the most entertaining part of the dunk contest, because it breaks the ice among contestants, and it also will help loosen them up for their individual dunks. The more they get used to dunking with the crowd cheering (especially new comers) the better chance they are at making their solo dunks on the first try. Getting dunks in on the first try keep the electricity in the building going.

4. Keep the dunking attempt limit to 2 or 3. Having one player doing more than 5 attempts sucks the air out of the building. Also the longer he goes, the less confident he gets, once that happens it becomes brutal to watch.

5. No more props. Using props to me is a distraction and it takes away from the actual dunk. Players having intros before they dunk (like Terrence Ross and Ben McLemore did) should actually be mandatory because it makes it fun. The actual dunk itself should just be on athleticism alone, NBA players are freak athletes, why not show it?

The format should go as follows:

1. Freestyle Round (Time Limit)

2. Players (East Vs West) goes head to head

3. Players move on to a Semi-Final dunk off (Time Limit, 1 dunk)

4. Conference Champions (If the East Wins, They are awarded their trophy)

5. The Best of the Conference or “Last Man Standing” battle so there’s one final winner (Best dunk wins, Fan Vote)


What do you guys think? Leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter @ThaLiveKing


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