– Controls are way too laggy for my liking, they need to figure out how to make the controls more precise with the game play, especially bounceTek.

– Speed up Player acceleration. The game is too slow; the ability to play the game fast should be optional or at a reasonable speed, pressing turbo should give speedy player a more aggressive push to get down the floor.

– Defense recovery is poor, especially in the paint. Try to reduce the amount of sliding. The defensive stance button is broken, doesn’t seem to work so it’s hard to stay in front of the ball handler on defense.

– Quicker inbound animations (was in Live 09). After every bucket, players walk the ball out of bounds giving the other team a chance to set up their defense. Adding 1 or 2 animations for quicker inbounding would be useful

– Better elevation on jump shots. It’s so easy to get blocked on the perimeter. It’s like player on defense don’t have to jump high enough to block shots. Should be tweaked somehow.

– The ability to spin off a box out in the paint. Once a shot is taken, and you get boxed out, you can’t fight for the rebound, should be able to avoid the box out somehow, even if you get called for a foul. Just need that option

– Players feel too light, add mass to players, so point guards can’t knock over centers like they’re Shaq

– It’s way too easy for the CPU to score in the paint. Sometimes you have to control your 4 or your 5 to reduce points in the paint, but in most cases the CPU will score about 50+ points in the paint.

– The ability to pass out the post doesn’t work properly, maybe due to the problems with the controls, but you have to press pass like 5 times to get a pass out.

– Add game play sliders, and enable us to edit player ratings. It may interfere with the Synergy data, but who cares.

– Player movement should be as fluid as FIFA 14 next-gen in terms of player movement and quickness. Also with better controls.

– Commentary timing is way off. Some of those Wav files need to get chopped up properly so that they flow with each other properly

– The ability to switch the modifier to the left trigger, rather than the left bumper

– There’s a bounce pass to the post that’s glitched, it’s an automatic turnover

– A small suggestion, maybe have shoe technology in the game, similar to having cleats or skates in NHL

I may have more down the line, but this is what I can come up with during my time with the game yesterday!!

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