What NBA Live Next Gen Needs To Borrow From Madden 25 Next Gen + NHL 14

Two features that they introduced in Madden 25 Next Gen, can work in NBA Live Next Gen

War in The Trenches: QB Blocking

– You notice the physicality of the line in football in general, NBA Live can adapt this to their half court offence problems and make it more of a physical game. NBA Live focuses too much on a finesse game, that’s why their half game, slow down offence doesn’t work properly. If they can find a way to keep the canned animations out but still find ways for the player interaction in the paint to be physical, add some weight to the players, hard falls. It can work. Maybe call it “War In The Paint” have a similar idea. Blocking and attempting blocks on a player is physical down in the paint,

Step Locomotion: True Step

– This feature alone will probably help reduce the point guard domination that has plagued the Live series over the years. How? It can help keep the defender in front of the ball handler a lot better than past game where they made you press and hold a button to cheat on defence. If you notice in the Live 14 game play trailer, players reacting to the bounceTek dribble moves, the feet movement on defence is non-existent. True step, if done right in a basketball game, can change everything involving player movement.

I still believe NBA Live needs better contact animations in the paint, to also go with the lack of help defence seen in the trailer. Which leads to my next idea

Rag Doll Collision Feature from NHL/FIFA : (Video)

Having this tech will help player fall down more after contact. The harder the hit, the more extreme it would look, but keeping it realistic and not too arcady. Imagine players colliding mid court and the ball goes loose for the taking, or having KG set a hard screen down on the baseline to free up Paul Pierce or Joe Johnson. It just adds more realism and authenticity to the game play.

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