NBA Finals: Miami Vs San Antonio Game 7 Prediction

NBA Finals: Miami Vs San Antonio Game 7 Prediction

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I’m going to keep it simple, Spurs will win tonight! They are battle tested, their vets have been through it all, and they definitely know what to expect in this finals situation. They’re also coming off a devastating loss, and could have put Miami to bed in game 6, they will be extra motivated. I don’t think Miami will go away quietly, they’ll make adjustments accordingly to get both Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh going, and then have LeBron try to take them home, but I think they will come up short tonight. Not sure what’s wrong with Wade, but he may have a big game tonight, because this is the last game of the season, and I’m sure he will push his body to the limit.

I believe the Spurs will have an unlikely hero tonight, I called Gary Neal last game, but he didn’t really do much, but look out for Kahwi Leonard. He could have sealed game 6, but missed some free throws down the stretch. I expect Mr. Poker Face to rebound and impact the game from all angles, through all four quarters. It’s better for Duncan and Manu Ginobili to have a strong finish rather than a strong first half, they need their vets to take them home. Spurs young legs will probably shine in the first half. Miami will probably be up at the half, but then the Spurs will end up being the champs!!

Let’s just hope this is a great NBA season finale, and no team wins by 50 tonight!!

Respect to either team who wins tonight!!!

– @ThaLiveKing

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