Raptors Don’t Need A Saviour, They Need To Build The Right Way

Let me say this before I begin, if Steve Nash did come to Toronto, I wouldn’t be angry or upset at his decision either. Now with that out the way, understand that Steve Nash not coming to Toronto, is probably the best scenario for both parties. When you look at Colangelo’s history in Phoenix compared to his reign in Toronto, you can see history seemingly repeating itself. I’m not going to get into too much detail about it, but Colangelo did put together good regular season teams during his run in Phoenix. You ask where does Steve Nash  fit into this? Well ask yourself, what were the Phoenix Suns doing before Nash got there? Had great regular season records, but 1st or 2nd round exits. When Nash got there, he got them to the Conference Finals a few times. When Steve Nash took the money and went to Phoenix, he catapulted that team atop the West, turned them into real contenders. To me, Nash pretty much got Phoenix over their previous humps and that’s what Colangelo was hoping for here in Toronto.  The situation is a lot different though, what has the Raptors done with Colangelo here? I’m sure there’s other reasons why they wanted Nash here, I’m not going to state the obvious, but that’s pretty much what BC and the Raptors organization wanted, a saviour. Colangelo’s drafts picks in Toronto were OK at best, failed to put the right talent around Chris Bosh, and the team struggled since the 47 win season (basically with a surprise team), by limping into the playoffs to then not making the playoffs .

When Steve Nash became available, it was pretty much a no-brainier for BC to pursue him. Last year in Phoenix, Steve Nash and the Suns almost made the playoffs with a mediocre roster in the Western Conference, showing that Steve Nash can truly make any team competitive. Colangelo needed Nash to get the Raptors into the playoffs again, therefore ending their playoff drought, so he can get that contract extension. BC has to look good this season or it’s over, as they say it. As we all know by now, Mr. Canada chose the Los Angeles Lakers for personal reasons, and to win a championship, leaving the Raptors to scatter for other options. They went back to their original target Kyle Lowry (who is a great pick up BTW) to have the keys to they city, and to get the job done. Free Agency just begun so there’s a lot of time to get the right players (not pieces) on this squad and turn it around. Toronto fans (in general) are getting tired of the losing and the playoff-less years, something’s gotta give.

Personally I’d rather see BC try to succeed and get over the hump without Steve Nash, you were brought here to make the Raptors a winner, not be saved. I’m sure MLSE makes a ton of money, so the Raptors aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so do the job the right way, all the quick fixes that you tried didn’t work, so why not try some alternatives? It’s time you deliver the fans a good team and turn this thing around the right way, anything else is irrelevant. I mean it’s just basketball, how hard can it be?


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