Player Profile: (NBA.COM)

* Good 3-point shooter with NBA range
* Explosive athleticism
* Good rebounder
* Good defender

* Has to get bigger and stronger

What Do I Think: 

I’m sure Raptors picked up a good player, however, I don’t believe he is what the Raptors need. They stressed that they need more shooters on the team, but I believe they needed another scorer rather than just another shooter. The Raptors need a player who can consistently get to the free throw line, he is not that guy. What they really need a small forward, I’m not a fan of James Johnson starting on the team, I think the Raptors should have focused their draft energy on a small forward rather than another guard. I believe Ross will help the Raptors score buckets because he has the ability to hit shots at a high percentage BUT the Raptors have always lacked that one player who can create his own shot. That should have been their main focus with the 8th pick. They do like his defense, and he says that his defense is under rated, we’ll see soon enough! Welcome to Toronto!!




Player Profile: (NBA.COM)

* Competes/motor
* 7-foot-4 wingspan
* Explosive leaper
* Good rebounder
* Solid defender
* Makes free throws
* Can make midrange jump shot
* Good passer in traffic

* Size a question mark to some
* Has to improve at creating off the dribble

What Do I Think:

Now this is a pick up I love. I been saying for years Raptors need a shot blocker and a strong finisher around the rim, this is that guy. They’re comparing him to Reggie Evans, but let’s not do such things. I don’t believe Acy will flop all over the court, grab opposing players “family jewels” and play dirty and act like he did nothing. This guy brings much needed toughness to the Raptors. They need a guy to play down low while Bargnani is out on the perimeter shooting 3-pointers. His weaknesses in the player profile isn’t that much of a concern to me, because  his strengths outweighs them. Him being a 2nd rounder could really be a steal regardless of what the Mock Drafts say, for once Raptors filled a need, and he’s low risk, financially. I think he’ll be a contributor for the Raptors for years to come. Welcome to Toronto!!


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