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NBA Live 13 Returns This Fall

Kotaku has reported today that EA sim basketball titles has been renamed back to NBA Live. NBA Live 13 is back, and hopefully better than ever, here’s what Kotaku posted

“Reached by Kotaku, EA Sports confirmed both the name and the game’s release later this fall. “This fall we’ll launch an all-new experience that captures the future of basketball with NBA Live 13,” a spokesman said. “More to come soon.”

Weeks ago @Hiphopgamer reported some rumors from his sources of what will be happening in the new NBA Live game, from what he was reporting, it sounds like EA will change the way basketball games will be played in terms in game content which will be exciting if it were true. He later denied that it was factual stuff, but more of rumors, which I highly doubt. He addressed that there will be technical fouls (taunting)  in the game, which can be momentum boosters. Also from what he was reporting that NBA Live will be bringing stuff back from the old genesis, SNES games, which made the games fun. I believe some of the things he mentioned are true, but I’ll wait before the official presser is released. Stay tuned Monday February 27th for more info to be released on EA Sports NBA Live Facebook page (

As a loyal NBA Live fan, I can’t wait. Stay tuned. I will give my input when the news hits, Follow me on twitter @ThaLiveKing





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