Pro Basketball

NBA All-Star Starters

Eastern Conference:

PG. Derrick Rose

SG. Dwayne Wade

SF. LeBron James

PF. Carmelo Anthony

C.   Dwight Howard


Western Conference:

PG. Chris Paul

SG. Kobe Bryant

SF. Kevin Durant

PF. Blake Griffin

C.   Andrew Bynum


I would like to say congrats to the following players who have been voted in by the fans, but I’m more interested in who the coaches vote in. Not really a shocked by the starters, but I am glad Andrew Bynum got voted in, he’s been through hell and back and deserves to play in the big game. I do believe  Chris Bosh should be a starter over Carmelo, but that’s me. 


Voted in wish list for the East:

Danny Granger, Roy Hibbert, Andre Iguodala, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett

Voted in wish list for the West:

Russell Westbrook, Danilo Galinari, Jason Terry, Lamarcus Aldridge, Al Jefferson


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