My Top 3 Dunks Of All TIME!!!

You know, since Blake Griffin crowned Kendrick Perkins, there’s been speculation about the greatest dunk of ALL TIME. While everybody has their picks, I feel I should let people know what mine are. I love power over finesse when it comes to crowning a defender so you will expect that in my top 3. So here we go!!

#3 Vince Carter Over Weiss

I’ll rate this my 3rd best dunk, because everybody knows Vince can jump out of the gym, so this really to me came at no surprise that he could pull it off in a game, especially over a European player who doesn’t know how to play defense and foul when he really should.

#2 Dwayne Wade Dunks over Varejao

At that specific time I had so much hate for Varejao and the over rated Cavs (nothing personal lol) BUT the way Wade just took two steps and just slammed on him just proves Wade has some of the most powerful legs in basketball. I just don’t see anyone taking two big steps and just dunking on a Power Forward like it was nothing. Just look how Varejao flew back and folded up like clean laundry on a Sunday. He’s a big guy that looked smaller than mini me on that dunk, thus giving it my number 2 ranking

#1 Blake Griffin Over Kendrick Perkins

1st of all, I don’t care if people say he “laid” the ball in, his fingers actually touched the rim on that throw down. 2nd of all, he pushed Perkins backwards with his power, and had the ball at the TOP of the aiming square on the backboard. I was doing dunks like this in “My Player” mode in NBA 2K11, and I have the highlights saved to prove it. Perkins is not a small guy and actually held his own, but the rule of thumb, you do not jump in front of a power dunker, POSTERIZED!!

That Is ALL. Michael Jordan or Vince Carter has not done any dunk-ons with that much POWER, and like I said I love POWER, so this dunk goes down as my all-time favorite until somebody tops it. I’m sure Blake will top this. Follow me on Twitter @ThaLiveKing or leave a comment to sound off!!

I’ll leave you with this cocky dunk by Shaquille O’neal, just to make you guys laugh

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  1. If you don’t have a dunk by Julius “Dr J” Erving…well, he just about invented the slam dunk, not to mention other moves which have become commonplace in the NBA. One of the greatest.


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