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A Little Introduction . . .

Let me give a little introduction about myself, the name is Steven, most call me Steve, my online nick name is ThaLiveKing. ThaliveKing, came from me playing NBA Live as a kid, and I rarely got beat when I played, so I just labeled myself that, for those that are wondering. I was born in Montreal, Quebec, raised in Toronto, Ontario (GTA), also finished 3 years of high school in Hope Mills, North Carolina. I currently live in Milton, Ontario (West GTA), a small town not far from Mississauga, but I’ve lived all over this city so really, I go anywhere. Let me start off by saying, I been writing all my life, I write anything from poems, songs, short stories, and I’m trying to get the feel in writing scripts. I have a HUGE imagination that involves comedies, and I talk a lot of trash, so if you’re going to make fun of me, expect a “smart ass” comment back, cause that’s what they keep telling me. Off the internet, I’m known as a humble dude, I get along with people, especially women, I don’t really have known enemies, but there are people out there who don’t like me, so basically I’m just your average guy. I do music (song writing and recording artist) on the side with my twin brother Chris, and we’ve been pursuing our dreams since 18 years of age. I’m a man who has a lot of passions that I love to explore, and I’m just hoping one day that I get the chance to experience all of them at a high level. Sometimes I get caught up in trying to do everything at once, when one should be the focus, but you live and learn and I’m happy for all the good and bad decisions I’ve made. It has made me a better and wiser person.

The first thing you’ll need to know about me, is my love for sports. Growing up I played everything, from ice hockey, basketball, volleyball, soccer, track and field, soft ball and I believe I was good at what I did. I wanted to play in the NBA, it was a dream of mine, or maybe Europe, where ever I could play, because I just loved basketball. Reggie Miller was my idol, I learned to shoot a basketball by recording games and analyzing his jump shot, I still haven’t lost my touch. When I played recreational hockey, some of my teammates said I wasn’t good at hockey, but I calculated my stats and one season I had 8 goals, 6 assists (10 games), but never made the power line. Ask Chris, he’ll tell you about the power line that never scored. I never did a lot of talking unless it showed, and when it showed, believe me, you’d you what happened. When I played soft ball as a kid, I think I had the most fun because it was just for fun. Me and Chris were known as Lighting and Thunder. We’d steal bases like Ricky Henderson, and the pitchers couldn’t stop us. We won a lot of games together. The best time was when we won championship in the YMCA basketball league, where we were on fire like the Mavericks and bombing 3’s from half court, competition drove us mad, mad I tell ya. We love it, I love it.

I believe I work hard at everything I do, I’m very dedicated in everything I do, and I believe true success is headed my way, I’m just waiting for my turn. Down the line, maybe when I have kids, I want to coach basketball, I could be in the gym all day helping kids with their game so they can someday live their dreams. I’m a true believe of helping people, no matter the cost. I do it rarely asking for anything in return, and to me its rewarding. I know this intro is a little unorthodox, but I’m just warming up, and getting used to blogging. There’s a lot more to me, and a lot more to my vision, so stay tuned, and hope you all have a great day!!


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