NBA Live 16: Hands On Impressions for NBA Live Pro Am + Trailer (Links)

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As some of you guys know, NBA Live Pro Am is coming to NBA Live 16, it’s basically a mode where you can play 5v5 online (Live Run) or 5vCPU in a Summer Circuit Tour. The guys over at EA SPORTS have finally added an OTP mode (Street Ball Mode) for the fans, there has some people who have played the mode and posted their thoughts online. Check the links below to get all the information you need about NBA Live’s new modes.



Post Game Podcast (Hands On)

QJB – NBA Live Pro Am Hands On Experience


NBA LIVE 16 Pro-Am Reveal Trailer

More Informations Coming Soon for the other modes in NBA Live 16, Stay Tuned

NBA Live 16: DeMar DeRozen In New Raptors Uniforms

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NBA Live 16: 4 Key Game Play Upgrades


Smoother Dribbling

Fans will notice many small changes to gameplay in NBA LIVE 16 that improve ball handling – including dribble handoffs. “It’s a huge part of the NBA and it’s a new mechanic that’s going to open up so many different opportunities on the court,” says producer Connor Dougan.

There are also new driving animations with a smoother and more responsive dribble system in NBA LIVE 16. “We’ve been building tech for over two years now that serves as the foundation for what we will deliver in NBA LIVE 16,” says executive producer Sean O’Brien.

Sharper Passing

That technology allows for better ball movement, which is vital for success on the court. Swing the ball around the perimeter and find the open man for a corner-three with Touch Passing. “You’ll have the ability to square up on the catch for a catch-and-shot with no delay, and smooth animation,” says Dougan.

Animations have also been polished across the board. “We’ve run more mo-cap shoots this year than any other basketball game I’ve ever worked on,” says senior designer Ryan Santos.

However it’s not just more mo-cap that matters, but the type of mo-cap. “We’re playing a lot of 5-on-5 and just letting the talent play hoops. We then grab the motion we need from that to get a much more natural look.”

Off-Ball Movement and Live Motion

The focus on improving animations in NBA LIVE 16 went well beyond sharper passing.

“We’ve added thousands of new animations with LIVE Motion,” says Dougan. In total, there are over 8,000 new animations in NBA LIVE 16, which add up to make off-ball movement more realistic.

“Players are physical and aware of each other,” adds Dougan. “You can bump cutters, swim around players and deny the ball. There’s a lot more physicality.”

Building with Community Feedback

“This team listens to player feedback religiously,” says O’Brien. “We pride ourselves on it.”

Everything starts with what fans tell the team about their game, and the group at Tiburon is focused on delivering the most realistic basketball experience to those who love NBA LIVE.

“This game isn’t being built for us,” says O’Brien. “It’s being built for our fans.”

Source: EA SPORTS,

NBA Live 16: Game Play Footage (IGN)

NBA Live 16: Q & A with Sean O’Brien (Via


Sean O’Brien and the Hoop Gawd were doing a twitter Q&A, a lot of new information about the game were revealed, check it out.

  • In terms of gameplay, control and animation are two of the most noticeable improvements that we’ll see in NBA Live 16.
  • Generally speaking, gameplay and animations are a lot smoother this year.
  • Create-a-Player has been confirmed for the game, which more or less confirms custom rosters as well. Not only that, but the new GameFaceHD can be used across all modes including Create-a-Player, not just Rising Star.
  • There is a limit to how many faces you can scan in at once, but we can have five in the game at once.
  • Gameplay sliders have been confirmed!
  • Community feedback has been really important to the NBA Live 16 development team. It appears we’ll see some Wishlist items come to fruition.
  • There will be differentiation in player explosiveness, for players with a quick first step. It will be governed by ratings, and signature dribbling packages.
  • Commentary and atmosphere have also received attention. Regular Season, Playoffs, and NBA Finals settings are also still available.
  • Noticeable improvements have been made to the catch-and-go, and catch-and-shoot game. Sean described the difference between NBA Live 15 and NBA Live 16 as “night and day” in that regard.
  • Dunks can be blocked, and the paint is now a “cheese free zone”
  • NBA Live 16 will feature improved player likenesses, AI, and animations.
  • GameFaceHD will only be available through mobile devices, not the PlayStation 4 camera or Kinect.
  • Defensively, there’s been a huge jump in AI, on-ball control, and some improvements away from the ball.
  • Signature jumpshots and other customisation options will be available in Rising Star.
  • The new online game mode will be revealed at Gamescom.
  • In-depth blogs on LIVEmotion and other aspects of gameplay are coming soon.

Thanks to Andrew for the recap, discuss in the NBA-Live forums here: (@NLSC on Twitter)

More information coming in the following days, why? cause E3, the game is playable on the floor

– ThaLiveKing

NBA Live 16: E3 Game Play Showcase

NBA Live 16: E3 Game play trailer + Game play improvements

Game play Improvements:


This was a sticking point in year’s past. Running a fast-break used to be a chore, but not anymore. For real though, they added a TON of new pass and catch animations. More variety means players move the ball with more intent – and it looks more natural.

They’ve also upped the responsiveness. In past years, you couldn’t really whip the ball around the perimeter – now – you can pull off various touch passes to put the ball where you want it. They’ve even gone as far to add dribble handoffs.

With all of these new tools on the offensive side of the ball – you’ll be a floor general like a BOSS. There’s not a possession that goes by where you won’t feel and see a notable difference.


NBA LIVE has always been about dribble control – so we are all pumped for the return of Freestyle Controls! NBA LIVE 16 really feels like you’re the one pulling off the moves – and not an animation sequence.

There are new controls for pulling off hesitation dribbles and crossovers, making attacking the basket buttery smooth now. Gone are the days of losing all your player’s momentum as you drive the hoop. That’s that physics engine putting in work!


You aren’t winning if you aren’t scoring. NBA LIVE 16 has brought in a totally new shot system. The release timing is no longer tied to the animation, and is now tied one-to-one with the button press. If you release too early or late you’ll actually see and feel the difference.

Not everyone plays like Chef Curry jacking up 3’s from all over the court – so they’ve also improved a bunch of new signature animations when attacking the hoop or scoring around the basket.


This feature will have the most notable impact. Remember when dudes would just stand around the court and not move or try to get open, unless you called a play? Those days are over.

Thanks to some revamped AI and what they are calling LIVEmotion – players move around the court with purpose and intensity. You’ll see your CPU buddies fight through screens, make intelligent cuts and more in attempt to get open – all on their own.

Animation quality has also taken a step up in a major way. Dudes won’t be skating all over the court now

And if that ain’t enough, check out some of the moves you can pull off now that you could never do before:

Touch passing

Dribble handoffs

Pick and Roll screen re-screen

Attack Ball Screens w/ New Dribble Mechanics

Deny NBA superstars away from the ball

Bump cutters

Push off and get open away from the ball


Source: EA SPORTS –

– ThaLiveKing


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