NBA Live 16: Realistic Sliders For Game Play + Video Added

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Over the last few weeks I’ve been playing with the majority of the sliders turned up to the max. There was a few things that bothered me, the shooting % was way too high (obviously), there were no turnovers, CPU was able to rip you off the dribble, but you couldn’t do it, so I started to experiment with them by starting them on the max instead of 50/50. I was focused on how I can get realistic results (stats) without compromising the fun aspect . I usually play 8 minute quarters, and with a lot of the shooting settings set between 50-70, I was scoring 110 points with ease, sometimes after 3 quarters. I wanted to reduce that shooting percentage, to help increase the rebounding numbers, because sometimes the rebounding numbers would just be in the 20’s, that’s not realistic at all, especially for 8 minute quarters.

I set the majority of the sliders to 100 to “activate” everything, and adjusted them (after multiple games with different teams) accordingly. in 8 minute quarters, I’ve had competitive games with the CPU, one went into OT, and I didn’t even hit 100 points in 5 quarters, and the shooting %’s were down in the low 40’s, and in the bad games (which I lost) I actually shot in the 30’s. Some CPU teams will hit you with a defensive blitz, but with these sliders, it will teach you how to play better to overcome that. There are times where you’re team is going to get HOT, and you’ll shoot 60% and the CPU will shoot about 40%, but by the end of the game, it all balances out. so if you shoot 60% in the first half, the 2nd half, you will have to be more reliant on your defense, because you will cool off. I was up 20 with the Raptors at home vs OKC, they came back and took the lead, but I had to grind them out in the 4th by playing smart, because with these sliders it doesn’t make it easy to score at will. Having the low shooting sliders teaches you to run offense and be patient with the ball, and over the last few days with these sliders, I honestly been having fun with this game. I’m actually getting pissed off when I miss shots I should be making, but overall, it’s making me a better overall player in NBA Live 16. The game played this way really shows that you can gain and lose momentum in one game, and losing it can really cost you if you don’t play smart. Also note, I put the shooting to ratings only. Kept the Free throw shooting at Ratings and Skill (it’s up to you if you want to change them). Difficulty Level: All-Star.**

Inside shooting: 10
Three-point :30* realistic %’s
Free throw:40
Post move:100
Dunk frequency :0
Block foul :100
Charging :100
Jump shot foul:100
Post shot foul:100
Layup foul:100
Dunk foul frequency: 100
Offensive air collision :100
Offensive on ground :100
Defensive air collision :100
Defensive on ground collision:100
Steal success:30*
Tune alley-oop success :30
Shot off-dribble impact:30
Shot contest impact :80
Shot blocking ability :100
Offensive rebounding frequency : 10
Offball pushoff frequency :100
Offball pushing success :100
Offball jostle success :100
Jostle Vs blow-by :100


*The steal sliders, I had to bring it down to the 30’s , when I lowered it, I started to actually get steals off the ball

**IF you don’t want a challenge vs the CPU, I don’t recommend you play with these sliders. If you want to have fun, fast paced high scoring games, I recommend just turning up the sliders to 100 max on all of them, shooting between 60-80. There’s a variety of styles you can play with Live to make it competitive and all out fun, these sliders are for the people who want playoff, every possession matters type battles with the CPU.

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Video Explaining My Sliders can be found here on my channel:


EDIT: Just finished a game and this was the results – 8 min quarters, All-Star, with these sliders. 3 point shot was not falling this game, had to find other ways to score


Golden State Warriors Are A Living Organism

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I know it’s early in the season, but the Warriors are really showing no case of the championship hangover and I’m very excited about it. There could be many factors that could be motivating them, like the little off-season jabs coming from the Rockets and the Clippers, the doubters saying that they didn’t play anybody in the playoffs, Steph Curry has it easy because all guards in the West were injured. Nobody is really giving them credit for their success, and I thank you, from the bottom of my heart for putting that FIRE in them because the best is yet to come from these guys. The best thing about this team is that they dictate their style of play and they do not compromise it, they just keep coming at you leaving you with more questions than answers. Also, they have the reigning MVP, Stephen Curry who is playing…

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NBA Live 16: GET LIVE (NBA Season Sizzle Trailer)

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NBA Live 16 – Unofficial Launch Trailer Featuring Russell Westbrook

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NBA Live 16: Hands On Impressions for NBA Live Pro Am + Trailer (Links)

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As some of you guys know, NBA Live Pro Am is coming to NBA Live 16, it’s basically a mode where you can play 5v5 online (Live Run) or 5vCPU in a Summer Circuit Tour. The guys over at EA SPORTS have finally added an OTP mode (Street Ball Mode) for the fans, there has some people who have played the mode and posted their thoughts online. Check the links below to get all the information you need about NBA Live’s new modes.



Post Game Podcast (Hands On)

QJB – NBA Live Pro Am Hands On Experience


NBA LIVE 16 Pro-Am Reveal Trailer

More Informations Coming Soon for the other modes in NBA Live 16, Stay Tuned

NBA Live 16: DeMar DeRozen In New Raptors Uniforms

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NBA Live 16: 4 Key Game Play Upgrades


Smoother Dribbling

Fans will notice many small changes to gameplay in NBA LIVE 16 that improve ball handling – including dribble handoffs. “It’s a huge part of the NBA and it’s a new mechanic that’s going to open up so many different opportunities on the court,” says producer Connor Dougan.

There are also new driving animations with a smoother and more responsive dribble system in NBA LIVE 16. “We’ve been building tech for over two years now that serves as the foundation for what we will deliver in NBA LIVE 16,” says executive producer Sean O’Brien.

Sharper Passing

That technology allows for better ball movement, which is vital for success on the court. Swing the ball around the perimeter and find the open man for a corner-three with Touch Passing. “You’ll have the ability to square up on the catch for a catch-and-shot with no delay, and smooth animation,” says Dougan.

Animations have also been polished across the board. “We’ve run more mo-cap shoots this year than any other basketball game I’ve ever worked on,” says senior designer Ryan Santos.

However it’s not just more mo-cap that matters, but the type of mo-cap. “We’re playing a lot of 5-on-5 and just letting the talent play hoops. We then grab the motion we need from that to get a much more natural look.”

Off-Ball Movement and Live Motion

The focus on improving animations in NBA LIVE 16 went well beyond sharper passing.

“We’ve added thousands of new animations with LIVE Motion,” says Dougan. In total, there are over 8,000 new animations in NBA LIVE 16, which add up to make off-ball movement more realistic.

“Players are physical and aware of each other,” adds Dougan. “You can bump cutters, swim around players and deny the ball. There’s a lot more physicality.”

Building with Community Feedback

“This team listens to player feedback religiously,” says O’Brien. “We pride ourselves on it.”

Everything starts with what fans tell the team about their game, and the group at Tiburon is focused on delivering the most realistic basketball experience to those who love NBA LIVE.

“This game isn’t being built for us,” says O’Brien. “It’s being built for our fans.”

Source: EA SPORTS,


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